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Inclusive Coaching is proud to partner with some of the most effective career development companies in the Greater Boston area. As you grow to know Inclusive Coaching we look forward to introducing our best-in-class affiliates along the way.

Hollister Institute Excellence Unbound

2-Day Development Initiative Designed to Embolden Leaders,
Inspire Creativity and Mindfulness, and Tap Into the Personal and
Professional Power Base That Drives Business Performance

Driving business objectives requires a culture where employees are unafraid to make decisions, motivated to listen, communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues toward personal and business goals.
Cultures devoid of the above qualities lose an estimat­ed $450-550 billion per year due to employee's level of frustration and disillusionment.
EXCELLENCE UNBOUND works with individuals and leadership teams to develop cultures where Emotional Intelligence is understood and cultivated. This creates more effective communicators, more confident deci­sion makers, and stronger agile-minded leaders.


For more details, call Karla at 617.654.0200 or email

Hollister Institute | 75 State Street, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02109

Conference Fee: $999

Kip Hollister opened Hollister Staffing 28 years ago and has grown the company into one of New England's premier woman-own recruiting firms.  Kip created Excellence Unbound as an outgrowth of the Leadership Development initiative she designed internally .

In her role, Karla has led retreats for leaders who have since become wholehearted supporters of her work. Karla's unique ability to humorously and candidly connect with her audience leaves participants challenged and inspired & through the process.

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About Inclusive Coaching

Working to Unlock the Impact of Potential is our goal for every company and individual we work with. At Inclusive Coaching, we believe that when every employee is valued they bring enormous value to their work. Within a supportive work environment, and with one's own career goals made clear and achievable, the enterprise at large prospers.

Manny Correia
Founder & Principal

Inclusive Coaching was founded by Manny Correia, former Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer of Harvard Management Company. Manny has a 25-year track record of helping hundreds of employees at several organizations achieve impressive performance results. Those mentored by Manny frequently identify his coaching as a key contributor to enhancing their personal and professional successes. Manny's encouragement, motivation and inspiration help them reach their fullest potential.

“Manny is the only one I know who reconciles so well the pursuit of investment excellence with the respect for others and of their dignity.”
— Mohamed El-Erian, CEO, PIMCO
former President and CEO, Harvard Management Company

Manny drives exceptional performance by creating and fostering an inclusive culture that inspires individuals to fulfill their potential and contribute to superior business outcomes. Prior to starting Inclusive Coaching, Manny was the Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer at Harvard Management Company, Inc. responsible for all corporate functions, including Human Resources, Education and Development, Budgeting, Accounting, and Facilities Management. Through his work as the founder of the Financial Services HR Group, he has mentored and coached hundreds of professionals in prominent companies and non-profit organizations. With a particular passion for career and management development and diversity and inclusion, Manny has held leadership roles on numerous non-profit boards. Manny received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and an Associates Degree in Human Resources Management from Northeastern University.

More important than his professional and academic credentials, Manny is quick to point out that spending time in Provincetown with his husband Tom and their three teenage daughters makes him the happiest